What Is Your Current Fitness Routine?

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I noticed there hasn't been too much activity here, so I decided to post my fave fitness videos.

Perhaps someone has been lurking... :lurk:

My immediate goals are to try to stay the same weight but tone/muscle up.

So far, my routine includes:

Full Body Strength Training

Awesome Chest Workout

Butt/Thigh Workout

Pro Ana Squat Challenge

Yoga For Strength & Energy

I also do a daily walk to warm up.

What are your fave fitness / workout routines and/or videos?
Please share.


  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 19,250Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I do various things. I love walking and will walk the track at the gym or the outside track at the high school, I will walk around town or hike in the woods.
    I take or teach 3-4 classes a week at the gym (classic aerobics, weights, circuits, cycling, yoga).
    I'm a post menopausal woman fighting weight gain and flab and middle age spread. But I'm healthy, I eat healthy (with not so healthy treats thrown in), I love to cook and make an effort not to eat out too much, I work out, my weight is normal for my height (tho I'm still not happy with it).
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    I have a book called "8 Minutes In The Morning" I want to start working out with. I also just got on Medicare & with my insurance I can join what is called Silver Sneakers at a gym very close by me. I use to walk a lot, but my energy level has been down lately. I'm doing good to walk dogs right now.
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    My current work out routine:

    Warm up 7 days a week
    Clarissa May's bikini body video warm up stretches

    Abs and Back (Day 1, 3)
    Heel Touches
    Mountain Climbers
    Back Lifts

    Arms and Legs (Day 2, 4)
    Push Ups
    Leg Lifts & Pulses
    Fire Hydrants
    Sumo Squats
    Wall sit

    Cool Down 7 Days a week
    Fitness Blender Yoga infused Workout (stretch training)

    I'm actually built like Clarissa may, so loosing weight is never a problem for me. I just want to feel better and keep the weight I got. I want to become more flexible, so I'm really working on that. I'm also working on having a fluid thigh gap. I have always had a thigh gap, but right up at the top is an awkward bit of fat or flab I wish to get rid of.

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    Fitness Blender. I found them six years ago and have never looked back. Hands down best videos/programs out there. They have made a stand to keeping fitness affordable and for everyone. I love using their fitness schedules. Everyday a different video so I don't get bored. When inspiration hits I will put together my own plan using their videos, but mostly I'm lazy and just do the plans they put together.
  • emilyr7496emilyr7496 Posts: 5Registered Users
    Currently I'm doing the Couch to 5k running plan with the 5k Runner app. It's not easy but I've always wanted to be able to run, so it's worth it! I'm currently on week 3.

    In the near future I hope to add weightlifting (with the help of a friend who's very experienced), swimming, and hiking. Keeping my hair healthy & out of the way during exercise is a struggle, but I'm learning!
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    I have trained 5 days a week for the past 20 years, starting in my early 20s. My focus is on strength training as it's what I really enjoy, but i also add in HIIT cardio for fitness (spin, stairmaster, stepper).

    Monday - Back and 30 mins cardio
    Tuesday - Shoulders and Abs
    Wednesday - Legs and 20 mins cardio
    Thursday - Biceps/triceps
    Friday - Chest, Abs and Spin

    My goal is always to gain strength and definition, usually im the only girl in the weights room! But I have noticed that more women seem to be switching on to the benefits of strength training which is very encouraging. Strong is beautiful!
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