Haircut Suggestions 2C/3A

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Hello y'all! I apologize for the double post. I posted in Newbies but now see my post is better suited here. I am 8 months into my transition & it's time for another haircut. My last haircut was in November at Deva Chan in NYC.

To provide some context, before transitioning, I bleached my naturally dark brown/black hair for 5+ years & flat ironed it for 11+ years. Yikes! I did trim my ends before I started the CGM. Admittedly, it was a $5 trim at Great Clips—on flat ironed hair. I also stopped bleaching my hair about a year before transitioning & now have a single process dark brown/black color. About 3 months into my transition, I booked an appointment at Deva Chan. I left the salon feeling iffy about the experience & my hair. My reservations, are less about the haircut &more due to my frustration with my hair.

Currently, the ends of my hair still struggle to hold a curl. I believe my hair is 2C/3A, medium porosity, medium density, & hits at my bra strap. I would love, love, love voluminous hair. Any suggestions on a haircut that will help me achieve more volume? Lots of layers? I am still experimenting with products & trying to find holy grail products that will add volume & definition to my waves.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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