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Hello curlies! I am 8 months into my transition & it's time for another haircut. My last haircut was in November at Deva Chan in NYC.

To provide some context, before transitioning, I bleached my naturally dark brown/black hair for 5+ years & flat ironed it for 11+ years. Yikes! I did trim my ends before I started the CGM. Admittedly, it was a $5 trim at Great Clips—on flat ironed hair. I also stopped bleaching my hair about a year before transitioning & now have a single process dark brown/black color. About 3 months into my transition, I booked an appointment at Deva Chan. I left the salon feeling iffy about the experience & my hair. My reservations are less about the haircut & more due to my frustration with my hair.

Currently, the ends of my hair still struggle to hold a curl. I believe my hair is 2C/3A, medium porosity, medium density, & hits at my bra strap. I would love, love, love voluminous hair. Any suggestions on a haircut that will help me achieve more volume? Lots of layers? I am still experimenting with products & trying to find holy grail products that will add volume & definition to my waves.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


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    Hi! I'm new here, but I think I may be 2C/3A, too. Could you post a pic of your hair? It sounds like it's about the same length as mine. I've been growing it out, and it's been a while since I've had a hair cut. I'm not sure how helpful I'd be with haircut suggestions, but a picture of it now might help!

    Right now I just use mousse and a diffuser and maybe some leave in conditioner to tame any frizz. I'm hoping to find a method that works for second day hair for me!
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    My hair is also 2c/3a as far as I can tell and I also struggled with bleaching it, flat ironing, etc. for years. Now I just do a single process color like you do, so I thought I'd give you my 2 cents and hope it helps.

    I've been to just about every curly salon in NYC, including Deva and I found a wonderful stylist whose website is Her name is Leslie Abate. I don't think all her products are c.g. or that she follows all of that method (although she is aware of it). She did cut my hair wet, but then cut it some more after it dried. She was the most honest stylist I've met in all my life even to the point of refusing to cut my hair at first because she said my cut (from someone else) was fine and that the problem was that I was overdyeing my hair. She then told me how not to overdye it.

    Anyway, I'm extremely happy with her haircut and she is easy to get along with, so maybe you should give her a shot at some point. One thing I have found is that I pick up different pointers from different curly stylists so you may want to try someone other than Deva, whether it's Leslie or someone else.

    Very best of luck - I think we are curly sisters! Please post back and let us know how you are doing.
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    Thank you for your replies, aokay & curlypeal.

    Aokay, our hair does seem to be close in length. Mine may be about an 1-2 inches longer. Unsurprisingly, I always struggled with length when I was bleaching & flat ironing my hair. The growth I have seen in the last 8 months has been a wonderful surprise! As a teenager, mouse was my go-to product. Currently, I alternate between KKNT & the As I Am leave-in conditioner & style w/Curl Keeper or L.A. Looks. My preferred combination is As I Am w/Curl Keeper. I don't have any current pictures but I will snap a few soon & post.

    Curlypearl, thank you immensely for your recommendation! I will call Leslie to check her availability. I have also considered volunteering as a hair model for Ouidad. Any experience with them? I am hoping to stop coloring my hair (fingers crossed, in the not so distant future), but embracing both my natural texture & a handful of grays is simply more than I can commit to at this time.
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    Hi! If your ends were curlier before, it sounds like it could be products holding you down. I had a similar problem a few weeks ago when I started using CG. My hair was mostly one length down to my bra in the back. Before I damaged my hair with color and blow-outs, irons etc, and trained it to go straight or wavy, I was about a 3b all over. I took it for granted. When I just embraced curly girl a few weeks ago, I thought I was 2c/3a because I had ringlets and a mixture of s waves and almost straight pieces. I used Shea Moisture stuff. After getting curly cut, I was told its all too heavy for my hair. You may just want to try lighter products and a light "poo" instead of cowashing. This made a huge difference for me. It takes time also to really get all the damage cut off. Wherever there is weight and damage, the ends have trouble. I'm still not back to being 3b, I'm a mixture of mostly 3a and some 3b now, but I'm hoping with time and the right products I'll get back. I thoroughly recommend light weight gels with flax. The cast is your friend! It helps hold the formation until dry then when you scrunch the crunch away, the soft curls stay for days. I used to think crunch was bad, but with the right healhty gel, its such a great thing! The diffuser helps too, to help your curls remember where to live. After a while you can ditch it. Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be, just try to be happy with what you have for the time being. You can always finger curl and pin pieces that don't wanna place nice. :-)
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    First, your actual hair shaft may be more damaged from heat styling than is immediately obvious. If your ends don't hold curl, it could be that just a trim isn't enough. :( Curly hair is essentially a non-circular hair strand. Heat can not only damage the structure of the strand, but change its physical shape, causing the curls to go "weird". (A really cool scientific study was done on this recently if you want to check it out here!) It's very likely that the ends that aren't curling for you are a result of both structural damage and misshapen strands.

    I would recommend two steps to see what you can do to help your hair recover. Step one - check your hair for moisture and protein (stretch and strength, basically). You can do the hair strand test described here. Once you know what your hair needs - or doesn't need - you can start reinforcing the overall health of the strands themselves. This will help IMMENSELY with your curl, volume, and overall hair happiness!

    Step two is the easiest one! If volume is your ultimate goal, find a very reputable stylist who can literally build structure and shape into your hair! They may need to take you shorter than you might want to get the right kind of shape, but as it grows, they can keep tailoring it until it's exactly the shape you want! This is how I had to go from 2" hair in the back to 2' hair in the back. It was a process, but my stylist just kept refining the shape until it was exactly right!

    Then, all you have to do is get some volume-encouraging products. I like the volume line by Briogeo, and clipping hair at the roots for lift/drying hair partially while up (like a loose bun at the crown of your head or twists up against the scalp) also really helps encourage height!

    Good luck!! It's a process and lots of trial and error, but I know you'll get the hair of your dreams! :D
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    I need help with choosing my hair type

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