TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Condish

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I am currently on a trip with my mom in NYC, and made the ultimate curly girl mistake - I forgot my conditioner!!!

I wasn't sure where to buy Deva products here aside from the salon, but it wasn't in our plans to go near SoHo anyways, so I had to deal with a CVS. I picked out the TRESemmé Botanique conditioner and the Eco Styler gel curlies have been raving about, and I LOVED my results!

***So this conditioner is supposedly a replacement for their TRESemmé Naturals line. That particular line made my scalp itch, so I personally won't miss it, but I know many curlies loved it. If you didn't know before, then I have to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that the TRESemmé Naturals line is being discontinued, and Botanique is taking its place.

(Scale from 1-5)
•Moisture: 5; My hair is SUPER dry, but it still managed to make my curls soft and fluffy. Definitely moisture-rich.

•Volume: 2; Doesn't give what you don't have. And for me, I already have plenty of volume and this kinda made my hair less voluminous than usual. But I fluffed it out, and problem solved.

•Detangling/Slip: 4; My hair is always SUPER fun to detangle (sarcasm). Many conditioners and products that naturals praise as being wonderful for detangling have done nothing for my specially knotty curls. But this conditioner did have some really good (but not great) slip. With a wide-toothed comb I probably could have breezed through (but guess who left hers at home?)

•Scent: 4; I'm a coconut fanatic! The smell is wonderful to me, and goes away once the hair is dry (at least it did for me; others have said differently but perhaps application methods differed between us).

•Price: 4.5; I paid about $6 for this in a CVS in Elizabeth, NJ. Compared to my usual $45 Deva condish, obviously this is awesome! But if I had stuck to using cheaper products as I was in the past, I might consider this a little pricey. Especially given that it's supposed to be a replacement for Naturals, which I think I remember being cheaper than this.

•CG friendly?: Yes! Botanique is silicone and paraben-free, keeping in line with its predecessor (Naturals).

Overall, I really liked it. Buuuut here's where some curlies might be turned off...


***Allergies: For those with nut allergies, life has just gotten super sucky. With the nut-free Naturals line gone, and this being the only other CG friendly alternative, some curlies might be in a pickle.

•Price: Again, Naturals was cheaper, so a more expensive replacement is not really all that awesome. At all. :(

What do you guys think? Have you tried it? Check it ouuuut!

+My Results+


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•CG as of 12/?/2014, BC 04/?/2015. First CG cut 7/9/2015. :happy3:


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    Great review!


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    I love this conditioner too although I was worried that it wouldn't live up to its predecessor.
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    Love it. Cheaper and just as good as Deva one condition.
  • Rosalie.EvanRosalie.Evan Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hello ladies!!!! This review was amazing and right on point! For a cheap conditioner it did the job. I picked this up for about 2.95 at Walmart so I could not be mad at the average results. It did not provide as much slip as my usual conditioner, but I always detangle prior to co-washing anyways so detangling usually isn't difficult for me anyways. The smell is not very strong but I like that it was not an allergen for me as my usual conditioner causes me to sneeze every time I use it. I did not use Naturals in the past so I cannot compare it to that line. I would purchase again if on a budget but I wouldn't make Botanique part of my usual regimen.

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