Itchy Scalp----Need Help!

Hello, I have type 3c thick, curly hair. I was using devacurl no poo, conditioner, gel, and argan oil alcohol free mousse. I decided to go natural and use bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and the LoC method. I was doing LoC once a week with the no poo before and when i started the bentonite and ACV my scalp got itchy. I swapped to shikakai, amla, and soap nuts which lessened the itching but still continued to itch and lose hair. I stopped the apple cider vinegar and the itching has lessened over about a weekish now but it still itches and I'm still losing hair just not as much. Also note that i upped my washes to twice a week with the reetha (shikakai, amla, and soap nuts). I tried lowering it again but the itchiness intensified and hair loss increased.

I did a skin patch test on my neck with the amla and shikakai and didn't have any reaction. Should I continue what I'm doing? I'm really wanting the itching to go 100% away and I don't want permanent hair loss because I love my thick, curly hair that I'm trying to grow out. It rests at about my temple and pulls down to my chin. I've done a ton of research trying to figure things out (learned about the detoxing process etc. which i should be past by now and that ACV can irritate people's scalps). Also note I have time to time used honey, tea tree oil, lemons, etc. to alleviate the itching. It goes away for a few solid hours then lightly comes back and progresses as the days between washes go on.

Thinking about it, the Amla Powder is the only thing that has remained constant to the changes I've made since the itchiness started so I'm going to try making a batch with lemon peel, reetha, and shikakai instead.

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