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Anyone in the type 2 range do LOC method? I thought I would experiment because I cannot get my waves to feel soft.

Is it THE wrong time to try this, like is it a winter only routine?

I found a protein free cream to use in the C step, but quickly found out the cream doesn't encourage my waves, so I tried the LOC with a curl enhancer custard step and hard hold gel added and my hair ended up too producty feeling. So I tried again, without the custard but with la looks gel, and the result was a cleaner feel, but limp waves. So how do I get enhanced curls when the cream doesn't do it?

Also, I have to say I didn't get great softness yet.

Any advice is appreciated!
CG since 11/2014
Mostly 2B, but ranges A-C front to back and root to tip
Low density, very coarse, high porosity
Collarbone length, gray dyed brown, dry and rough
Typical LEG routine could be any combination of:
Lo poo: Shea Moisture brand shampoo, Ion Hard Water Shampoo
Cowash: As I Am Coc Cowash
RO: GVP CB, Aussie Mega Moist, Not Your Mothers Gardenia
Leave In: As I Am LI, KCKT, or Not Your Mothers Gardenia
Enhancer: Camille Rose Curl Maker
Deep condition: SM Deep Treat Mask
Protein: Hask Keratin
Styler: Curl Keeper Original, Ouidad Climate Control gel, LA Looks gel

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