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I was thinking of switching from chemically-based haircolors and going with henna. I've checked out the hennaforhair website briefly - it looks very intriguing, and people have gotten absolutely gorgeous colors with their henna recipes. I look good in rich reddish haircolors, too. I have very thick, but fine-textured, mixed 2C-3A hair, and benefit from anything that plumps it up to be more voluminous(although it's already thick)which I like! Anyone here having colored with this type of henna, and had an increase in body in their hair?
On the site, BTW, they say that BAQ henna is OK to use over previously-chemically-colored hair, while the henna at the healthfood store is not OK. I know the latter, as a friend ruined her hair using it trying to correct a bad dye job. It took her almost two years for her hair to grow out, and a strict natural hair products regimen to get her hair back in shape.
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    I have used BAQ henna on my 3b/c hair and find it has relaxed the curl a bit (a desired effect for me). BAQ quality henna smoothes the cuticle imparting great shine and a soft reddish glow in the sun (my hair is quite dark). You may find you need less products after henna'ing, otherwise it may weigh your hair down.

    If you haven't already, check out these sites--lots of great info: (<---I get my henna from here),, and
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    Thanks for the info! But since my curls are looser and mixed-texture, I don't want anything to loosen the curl in my case - Too bad, as I was REALLY interested in the BAQ henna, and such beautiful colors too!
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    I used body art quality henna for over a year, and while it gave me wonderful shine (the first time in my life!) and made the hair strands actually feel substantial, like "other people's hair", it did loosen the curl after about 8 months of regular use. I thought it was product build up and did a lot of clarifying, but it was henna in the end. I have bought both the henna sold through that site you mentioned, as well as a brand called Hennaluscent from Sally. I even got in touch with the company Hennaluscent to verify there were no preservatives, and it was pure henna mixed with bark or roots to add to the shade of red/brown. If you are putting henna over any type of pre-colored hair though, I recommend buying from that site.

    Henna was wonderful for my hair, and it may have increased volume slightly because each strand felt a little plumper, but it loosened the curl after repeated applications for me.
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