Hair is different after coloring. :(

SammykinsSammykins Posts: 6Registered Users
My hair is naturally a 3A type of curl. In November I had it dyed in the balayage/ombré style (lighter)and now my hair will not curl. Especially the left side. I have never gone lighter with my hair, so this was a first for me. I tried to insert pictures so y'all could see first hand, but apparently you have to have your pictures hosted from another site and I am currently on my cell phone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

I am just worried my hair will never be the same again. :(


  • FlygerianFlygerian Posts: 22Registered Users
    Anything that lightens hair usually causes some damage. It isn't always excessive damage and sometimes curl patterns will stay, but sometimes it takes a little more damage on and does what yours is doing. You probably can only disguise the damage for now til it grows out. Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and I still have a couple of strands that won't curl as well as the rest, although it does blend a lot better now after doing some intense treatments and taking extra care of my hair from then on.

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    I have naturally dark brown-black hair and I also have balayage done on me but have not experienced extreme damage, have you tried doing protein treatments or adding protein-rich products into your routine? I've found them very helpful with defining my curls more and making them look healthier. I'd suggest looking at the Protein-Craving subforum on here and also searching for articles on protein balance here on NaturallyCurly.
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      • SammykinsSammykins Posts: 6Registered Users
        Thanks ladies!
      • wavybeanwavybean Posts: 26Registered Users
        My hair does not curl after coloring. I go to a salon and have it done.They use the deva products on my hair. I can see there not happy when I walk out with a wet head because they dont like that I am not paying for a blowout. They tell me my hair is not curly. But when I walk in they say Wow your hair is curly. I dont get it. In takes about 2 weeks for my hair to wave and curl. Does anyone have this with there hair.
      • stream26stream26 Posts: 40Registered Users Curl Neophyte
        I, too, used to have curly hair and after going blonde like on hairstylezz./ just have “frizzy” hair.
        It’s only been 5 days, so wait it out. Your hair has probably lost a lot of moisture since bleaching it (to make it blonde) damages it considerably. Your hair will probably return to normal at some point in the future, but it may take a few years. I’m sorry this happened to you.

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