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So after doing research I think my addy cakes has 4A hair. Now the back may be more of a 4B/C. I thought I had determined her porosity level but now I'm hearing that the float test has been debunked. Based on other research I'm thinking now she may have high porosity.,Now that the background info is out there let's talk products. Started off with Shea moisture. Loved, loved the way it defined her curls but did very little to moisturize. I found out about the LOC method and started using that, still no change. Switched to Cantu and it made her hair much softer but again 3-4 hours later it looks as if I didn't add a single product to her hair. I then found African pride Shea butter cream and it was like this is it!! But it leaves horrible flakes. The cantu also seems to leave a subtle white buildup all over her head. So now back to square 1!! Help!!!


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    Maybe look into Teri has an awesome kids page and easy to find product suggestions.


    Youtube - Website
    4b/Density:iii/Strands:Fine, MBL
  • Feshondra.TrFeshondra.Tr Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thank you������

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