Best spray rejuvenating product for 2nd day hair?

Looking for a spray in product (not spray GEL) for 2nd day hair that will rejuvenate limp curls and add some bounce. Pros and cons for Jessicurl Awe Inspiriling vs Curl Junkie?


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    Jessicurl has been working really well for me lately. I never tried Curl Junkie's spray. It helps with frizz (I still have some but I don't blame the product for it) and enhances curl. However, I spray it in my hands and then smooth it on and scrunch. I can't use sprays because invariably it will get on my face and I have sensitive skin. I haven't tried spraying since I got the fragrance free version, but I think I'll play it safe.
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    I scrunch with warm water and the products already in my hair bring it back to life.
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    I like Mist-er Right better than Awe Inspiraling, but my all time fav is one I make myself which is a few drops of oil in water in a spray bottle. Recipe is similar to the lavendar spray one in the CG book, except that I don't bother measuring. I only make a small amount at one time, because of no preservatives. I'm using Jessicurl oil blend, but I think other oils would work just as well. Next time I'm going to try plain jojoba.
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