Former Ouidad stylist in DC/northern VA?

Lamneth100Lamneth100 Registered Users Posts: 1
Does anyone know of any stylists in the DC area who used to work at Ouidad in New York? I am hoping that at some point, someone who worked there must have moved to DC.

I'm a sworn Ouidad girl! The only times I've ever liked my hair were when I left their flagship in New York. Even after moving to the DC area 12 years ago, I would wait to cut my hair for when I was visiting New York. As Ouidad certified salons have come up, I have tried them, but not been happy. I guess I think at this point there is just no substitute for someone who has worked in a salon dedicated to curly hair.
I have also tried salons with the Deva method, but carve and slice works best with my hair. I'm no longer wiling to risk getting any other type of cut.
So, I save getting a haircut for times I go to New York. But, I recently had a baby and travel will just not be possible for a while. But, I really need a haircut!
I've been trying to see if I might find someone who used to work at Ouidad, but with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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