What's my hair texture?

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I need help figuring out my hair texture...I think I might be a 2C, but I'm really not sure.

To start, I'm pretty sure my hair is heat trained. I've been getting it done semi-regularly since I was 13. (I'm almost 19 now) I'm not sure how much it has altered my hair. My mom says that when I was a little girl, my hair was never curly, just very very poofy. It did not grow up but rather out, at an angle. It was also prone to dryness, which it still is, and she had to put moisturizer in my hair every day or else it would become a brittle, tangled mess.

I just recently decided to go natural. (recently as in last week) This is a picture of my hair right after I wet it:


My natural hair now is VERY high porosity. It's also extremely coarse and thick and I can't comb through it without getting caught in a tangle. It's also extremely dense. And like I said, when it dries it becomes very brittle and breaks off. Very prone to frizz!!!!! If I had to describe it I'd say it's really wavy and poofy.

Here's a picture of the twist out I wore today:

twist out.jpg

What could my hair type be?

(Btw, my hair has not been color treated. That's the natural color.)


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    To get an accurate idea of your curl pattern, you would need to post a picture of dry hair that dried naturally and also a photo where we can see your roots. Your hair does look extremely dry. If it feels like straw, then you need products that have a lot of emollients for moisture and very little protein. Tresseme Naturals avocado Nourishing conditioner or Target's Renpure's Coconut Cream Nourishing conditioner are too great and inexpensive choices. Adding a little bit of natural oil like coconut, almond or olive along with the conditioner and gel you leave in should help seal in moisture.

    You're probably more likely a 3 by the way your mother described your hair. It sounds like dehydrated and probably brushed curly hair when dry. Btw never comb or brush wavy or curly hair when dry unless you're purposely going for a Don King or Albert Einstein look. Only brush or comb while hair is wet and soaked in conditioner.

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    Looks like type 3 to me, probably a/b mix. Needs a DT and probably minimal shampooing due to how brittle and hi-po it already is.
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