Happy to have found you all!

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My name is Roseann and I live in southern NJ. All of my youth years I wanted curly hair so bad. I got perm after perm. Fast forward - I am soon to be 46 years old and I stopped using heat on my hair about 3 years ago when I retired from my job. Who knew my hair has such beautiful curl?! I think some of this may be in part to menopause to and a change in my hormones. Either way, I'll take it! I love not having to be a slave to all the hair tools I used to require. I have been experimenting on different types of products to keep my curl shape and definition without the wet look crunch.
I have gone sulfate free in my shampoos and conditioners. Currently my holy grail of products after the shower are: curl keeper total control and then a light spritz of Ouidad play curl. I have the bounciest most natural curl without the crunch or frizz! I have just recently started experimenting with 2nd and 3rd day curl refreshing.
There is so much knowledge here I am looking forward to many hours of reading.


  • BeinDebBeinDeb Registered Users Posts: 583 Curl Connoisseur
    Welcome Roseanne0617.

    I can relate to your story, only I'm 11 years older. I too, had no idea how curly my hair was. Even though I've been practising CG for a little over 2 years, the curliness still amazes me. I still feel like someone else's hair is on my head.

    You'll enjoy this forum. There's lots of really good people who use it, as well as knowledgeable. Enjoy!
  • MorrisonFan91MorrisonFan91 Registered Users Posts: 609 Curl Connoisseur
    Welcome :) .

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