3 yr old's hair is ALL matted and tangled :( HELP

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My daughter just turned 3 this past December, and we've always had a great hair routine. Just for reference, she has medium to high density hair, and different types of curls throughout, but I would guess a mix of 3B-3C-4A. She gets a LOT of shrinkage...when it's completely wet her hair goes almost to her waist, and as you can see in the pictures, dry it is much shorter.

Anyway...the past month or two she has suddenly stopped wanting to sit still to get her hair done. She FREAKS OUT and hates for me to comb and detangle it, and styling it in anything but a single bow to get the hair out of her face is out of the question. I don't know what to do :( Her hair is getting extremely tangled in the back now. Part of the problem is she badly needs a trim...she hasn't had a trim since she was 1 year old. It scares her for scissors to go near her head. It's gotten to the point now I can't even section her hair because it's just a tangled mess. Honestly feel like crying cause I don't know what to do and worried I'm just going to have to cut it really short! :cry:

Here's 2 pics of what it looks like normally...I will try and get a picture of it when she's back from school later today to show the tangles. I've just been pulling it into a bun to kind of disguise it's current state.


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    Thought I would come back and update in case anyone was curious! I read somewhere to try doing dry detangling with an oil. So that's what we did...I sat her down and just used olive oil to gently work out the parts that were especially matted. I mostly did finger detangling, and then switched to a wide-toothed comb once I knew I wouldn't be breaking her hair too much. It took a LONG time (at least 3 episodes on Netflix lol ) but I almost cried from relief when I could run the comb through it again!!

    Oh...I also picked up trial sizes of the Devacurl line and used it afterwards, and now I'm officially in love with those products!! Her hair looks gorgeous.
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    Glad you found a solution! :-)

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    Yay :) good job. Her hair looks so much like mine did when I was a kid, and even now. When my hair is cut a little shorter it looks a lot like hers. When I was younger, my mom would just spray my hair with Johnson & Johnson spray detangler, which worked really good at detangling, but made my hair just wavy/straight. She liked it though, since it made it easy to handle. As I got older, I figured out about not dry brushing, using products, etc. It sounds to me like you're doing a great job! And probably as she gets older, shell get more used to having to sit there for a while as you do her hair, and you'll learn more as you go... A great way to keep the tangling under control, is to from now on do the detangling on her hair while she's in the tub, with lots of conditioner already on it. For me, that's the easiest way. I've detangled my dry hair with oil in it too, and it DOES work, it just takes longer. Then I'd recommend using a leave -in conditioner to prevent her hair from getting too dry and tangling again. Since she's so young, I'm not sure if she would need another styler in her hair or not? But yeah, those are my thoughts.... Good luck with everything, your daughter is lucky to have a mom who's into learning about curly hair instead of trying to make it straight! :)

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