Are Cantu' products all parabens, alcohol, sulfate and silicone free?

MyWomenPowerMyWomenPower Registered Users Posts: 33
Are all Cantu' products approved for CG method?


  • CurlyVeeCurlyVee Registered Users Posts: 340 Curl Connoisseur
    I have wanted to try CANTU but the ingredient list is scary - no bueno !
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  • Curlista93Curlista93 Registered Users Posts: 411 Curl Novice
    No, only some of them.
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  • SopottSopott Registered Users Posts: 42 Curl Neophyte
    I use some of them, see my signature 😄 My hair didn't like the leave-in, but I wouldn't do without the gel! I like the fact that the cantu products are inexpensive and readily available. Some of the ingredients are not ideal, but at the price I can afford to try it... And it's got to be better than drugstore stuff.
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    moisture: Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

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