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The older I've gotten (more kids I've had) my hair has gotten curlier/crazier. I've done everything to fight it and normally wear it straight. In 2013, I found this site and embraced my natural hair. But it took forever and I think I range from 2B-3A type curls so my hair just didn't look great without me eventually taking a curling iron to part of it.

I've been wearing it straight now for like couple of years but especially for this upcoming summer, want to try this again. But is there an easier way?

I can't remember exactly what I did but remember washing it in morn, plopping, air drying some then diffusing and still eventually curling it some.

Anyone able to just wash it and go? Ha! I realize that answer is probably no but am fine with air drying it but when I do, it looks HORRIBLE by the time it's dry.

Or just wash it and diffuse and go. I am totally okay with not reaching my "full curl" potential. I don't need to make it all 3A. I'm okay with it being less curly especially if they are all a lot closer to matching. Just another option than washing, drying and straightening every day.

Hopefully I'm making sense and would love any tips that you guys have.

Thanks so much!

*Oh and NEVER found a way to do second day hair so would LOVE advice for that

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