Recs for shampoo for medium/thin, (mostly) wavy hair?

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My hair is mostly 2a/2b, but a few areas are curly or even straight! However, my hair is on the thin side, and can look flat.

I just finished my huge bottle of OGX argan oil shampoo and am looking to try something else, preferably sulfate free and available at a drugstore.

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    Maybe try the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus curl line. It's available at WalMart or most other drugstores in the USA. There's also their Fruit Fusion line which I haven't tried due to not living in the USA so unable to buy it (boyfriend lives stateside so I can get him to ship but I honestly have enough products that work for me right now already) but have read some good things about it. They're around $10-12 a bottle. The Fruit Fusion one is meant to be lightweight which may be good for your fine, flat, and (possibly?) low porosity hair (I was reading your signature) but I know a few curlies who have similar properties and use the SMCH line just fine as well. There are also other sulfate free shampoos that I'm sure other curlies can suggest. My suggestions are a bit limited because a lot of my products are Canadian and only made in Canada.
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