Home care instead of hospitalization

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What do you think about using teleconferencing for consultations? My friend's mother doesn't like going to the hospital and since the hospital's faraway from their house too. they're planning to use teleconferencing for consultations?
I'm skeptical about how this works. Anyone here who has done consultations through videos before? What about taking the bp, etc?


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    I haven't done this, but I would be skeptical too. I think that a physician can get much more information with you in person: the color of your complexion (pale, reddish), the feel of your skin (cold, clammy, etc.), and probably other things I'm not thinking of. When you go to the doctor, the doctor is watching lots of things, not just listening to what you say. I think that teleconferencing would make it more difficult for the doctor to pick up on certain nonverbal things.
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    It ("telemedicine") is done pretty successfully in the behavioral health fields but doesn't seem practical for predominantly somatic complaints. (I have seen it used, as a 3rd party, in BH settings.)

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    I saw a special on this on PBS. I think it's a great alternative in rural areas where there aren't enough doctors and many patients can't handle and/or afford the hours-long trip to the nearest hospital or doctor's office. Obviously at some point, a doctor or nurse needs to see patients in person, but it's better than a high-risk patient not getting medical attention.

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    Unfortunately, going to the hospital is required. However, I understand the travel, etc. situation. It's tough, but when was the last time there was a hospital / consult / office visit?
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    From what I've gathered, a caregiver is supposed to stay with her mom during weekdays and she, my friend, took up some classes too so she can learn how to get bp, temperature, etc. And she told me that the teleconferencing is mainly for consultation and if need be, they'll still be going to the hospital. Plus, she said that it's hipaa compliant video conferencing so it's mandate approved.
    Considering these, I think it's good, right?
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    Can the teleconferencing be supplemented with a Visiting Nurse? I had knee surgery two years ago and I needed blood tests three times a week and physical therapy until I was well enough to go out for both. The Visiting Nurse program came to my home for both.
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