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Hi! I have identified myself as between 2B/2C. I want to start using the Curly Girl method but need a little guidance...I'm so confused as to what products I actually need to buy and how often I need to use them!

I like the look of the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil - would this work as a product on its own to cleanse my hair and condition it or do I need to use a separate shampoo? Or do I just need to shampoo once then go on to use just the conditioner?
I am tempted by the DevaCurl range too, but it is quite pricey, anyone have any advice on this?
Which products work well for 2b/2c hair?

Thanks! :)


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    Hi there, I suggest finding out your hair's properties first, like your porosity. This will help you find out how your hair will (generally) work with some ingredients in hair products. Low porosity hair, deemed healthy hair, has a closed cuticle and therefore does not absorb butters and oils (or water for that matter) into the hair shaft (at least not readily... Some butters/oils can get in, I won't get into specifics). This causes some products containing butters and oils to just sit just like a greasy mess on the hair and make it gunky looking. A lot of type 2s are low porosity, but some aren't, and chemically altering your hair with dyes or bleach or heat styling can make your hair high porosity, so you will want to do the test. There are a few ways to do it, but you can just take a clean strand of hair from your head and put it in a semi large bowl full of water and leave it for 5 minutes. If it floats on top or close to the top, its low porosity. If it's in the middle, it's medium, if it sinks, it's high porosity.

    Devacurl works for some, doesn't work for others. I don't like the No-Poo or the Low-Poo as I find they don't have enough cleansing properties for type 2 low-porosity hair, but the One Condition Decadence (not the normal One Condition) is decent for me. I also like their Styling Cream. I have tried a couple of their other products including their gels but I could never get consistent results with either the Light Defining Gel or the Ultra Defining Gel. I am however playing around with the Ultra gel again and may update on that if I can find a way to make it work for me. The one thing about Deva products is the main (normal) line smells awful. Especially the No-Poo. It actually burns my eyes. Because it also doesn't really wash away much buildup of sebum it also wreaks havoc on my seborrhea and gives me a super itchy scalp. I only use No-Poo or Low-Poo when my hair is dry and I can't afford to use even a gentle sulfate-free shampoo (also called low-poo but for sake of them branding the term I'll use the big words lol). In my opinion Deva is not worth buying if you are just starting out with CG method.

    I do like the Shea Moisture line but I use the African Black Soap line. If I was going to recommend one to you it would be their curl line which I think is the pink bottles, coconut and hibiscus or something. I would start out using both the shampoo and conditioner every second day and then try and stretch the length you go in between shampoos. You will find your own balance as we all have on here, everyone's scalp is different and some girls can go with only washing once a week, others can not but when you go CG you must do it slowly as if you don't you could get lots of buildup and itch from your scalp secreting lots of sebum.

    The Shea Moisture line also has some stylers you can try like gels and milks, but you can get eco styling gel down there in the USA and I am sure the other ladies on here can recommended some gels and stylers that are good that won't break the bank either and are awesome. One of my favorite gels that I am starting to use again is like $3 and it is CG friendly, it's a Garnier PureClean gel.

    I hope this helps and sorry if it's a bit all over the place to read, I'm having a fibro day and my hands are aching from typing this.
    Multicultural (Caucasian/Filipina)
    2b/2c - f - iii - low porosity - normal elasticity
    Holy Grail: Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair
    I rotate through the rest of my products depending on weather and etc but usually don't need them
    I try not to use products tested on animals if I can help it.
    Link: Updated hair picture January 2017
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    I made a little graphic about good cheap starter products, but Mei's right, it's helpful to know your hair's properties. A lot of these have protein and glycerin in them, for instance.
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    I have 2b/2c collar length hair (colored, med porosity, med thick, med strand) For me the most important things for healthy hair were a layered cut and co-washing. I have very hard well water that was reeking havoc on my hair when using sulfate shampoos. Co-washing made a HUGE difference. My hair went from frizzy dry straw to shiny wavy curls. After a few months of co-washing, I did the big chop and cut off all my damaged hair.

    Here's my routine: I co-wash every 3 to 5 days using Renpure conditioning wash or a good quality argon oil or jojba oil rich conditioner .After co-washing, I use a light leave in conditioner in the shower on wet hair (Elucence moisture adjusting conditioner). Blot well with a micofiber towel or old t-shirt. Then use either Curls Unleased root lifting mousse in winter (dry air) or AG recoil cream in summer (humid air), making sure products are well distributed from roots to ends using a detangler comb. Then bend over and shake my hair out from the roots. And don't touch it again until almost completely dry, when I bend over and shake it out from the roots again.

    Morning of day 2, if hair is to my liking, I finger rake / scrunch in a few drops of jojoba oil and then shake it out from the roots. If I need to revive my wavy curls or have some flat areas, I lightly spritz evenly throughout with water, then bend over and shake it out from the roots.. When completely dry, I then finger rake/scrunch in the jojoba oil. On days 3 to 5, I may add more oil or not, or spritz again or not, depending on how my hair is behaving.

    I rarely comb my hair and if I do, it's a wide tooth comb or pick. Usually I just use my fingers or shake it out from the roots. Never ever brush it. On the rare occasion I'll partially dry it with a diffuser. Even rarer, I'll blow dry it straight. My hair is shiny, bouncy, frizz free and no split ends or breakage anymore. Some days I actually get spirals!

    Styling products and deep conditioners with a lot of coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and avocado oil make my hair weighed down and sometimes just weird. Thick gels, thick creams and pomades don't work for me. The Deva products don't work well for me either. Lighter weight products work best, especially those with small amounts of jojoba oil, argon oil or castor oil. The AG curl enhancers perform well for me, as do many lighter mousses. Layering with too many products doesn't work, I only use three. After co-washing, first a leave in, second a mousse or AG re-coil and third seal with a few drops of jojoba after my hair has dried. (LCO method).

    Once a month, to deep condition, I'll mix a tablespoon of jojoba oil with palmful of conditioner, work it into dry hair, wrap my head in plastic wrap and leave it on for an hour, rinse, then co-wash. If I need to clarify, I use a rinse of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water. Even the non-sulfate shampoos I find to be drying, so I'll only use those once a month, instead of co-washing, before coloring. I use Elucence sulfate free moisture shampoo.

    As most curlies will tell you, you just have to find what works for you.

    Hope this helps!

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