Polyquaritium-68....such high hopes

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I read a great article by one of the writers here, A Cationic Styling Polymer With Novel Properties

It states how polyquaritium 68 paired with panthenol has great attributes for curly hair: protects against frizz, great holding power...she even list a few products with this ingredient. Unfortunately they were either no longer made and one of them is from Germany. This article was written back in 2008, the author stated they would write a follow up but never did.

I did my own search for a styling product with this ingredient and found KMS HAIR STAY STYLE BOOST. It's basically a mousse. I tried it and the results were very good if you can forget the mousse comes out cold, very little at a time and it 'snaps crackles pop' in your hand. I kid you not. It did elimate frizz here in Miami tropical humidity, my hair mostly waves but this mousse formed curls. It did leave it very crunchy and not so easy to SOTC if you overdue. My search will continue because it cost $17 and only last for a few applications.

There is another product, Marc Anthony sexy beach waves extra volume mousse with the 2 ingredients but it left my hair droopy and frizzy. So back it went to Ulta.

Anyone know of another styling product with polyquaritium 68/panthenol?

If I have to keep buying the KMS, I will but I'd prefer something cheaper.

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