Carmex (lip balm) for hair?

So. I indulge in saturating my hair in many things; coco, jojoba, tea tree, grapeseed, ylang ylang, olive, and castor oils. For a year, i found that coconut oil helped and cut back my hair washings from everyday to only once a week. That was when I was 17 in my Scene/Emo phase and everything was straighten straighten to me at the time. I’m 20 now and coco oil has yet to kick in. The results have been very minor and with work my schedule is everywhere and I tend to forget my deep condish treatment that week. During the past winter. My hair has become even more dry and dull than usual and once, when I thought I looked okay just before coming out of the house, I went to the bathroom during my lunchbreak at work and found my hair being one giant frizz ball! Having nothing at hand but Carmex to tame my curls, I squeezed a few quarter sized amounts onto my fingers, warmed them up and applied an inch or so before my roots to the tips. It was meh but when I returned to the bathroom after work, the results were AMAZING!!! My curls were extremely rich in color and moisturized beyond belief. I wanted to cry haha. Since then I had been applying it after my usual morning routine. I’ve slowly let it go though because I completely forgot about it. It was the best results I had ever seen! A lot similar to the results I got that year with coconut oil. I want to pick it up again, but I want to know… Is this bad for the hair? Are the results worth it? Would this be damaging in the long run? I’ve attached a few pics with me using Carmex (pink shirt) and not using Carmex (in my jacket).


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    Hi, If I'm not wrong I think carmex contains petrolatum and paraffin and those two ingredients tend to built up on the hair and in the long term the hair is completely covered and is unable to gain moisture from water and other products which would lead to more dryness, so in the long run that's definitely not something I would recommend.
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