Brazilian Blow Out on a Male

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I dont know where to post this topic so if the moderators can please sort this out for me. Thanks

Hey guys. I am a 15 year old wavy haired male that just did a Brazilian Blow Out on Thursday. My aunt is a hairdresser/stylist and she knows Ive been growing my hair out for almost a year now, and she said I should do a Brazilian Blow Out. During the blow out youre supposed to receive 12 rounds or presses of a flatiron but she said I should only do 6 since I dont want my hair straight but just less puffy and frizzy. She said not to take a shower until Sunday. The difference it made wasnt worth putting all the chemicals in my hair because I'd rate the difference to be 1-2/10. Are there bad chemicals in blow outs and does this damage the roots or just the current hair? Do brazilian blow out shampoos, conditioners, and hair oil ruin your hair? Should I have just gone with getting something natural like coconut oil and trying to make my hair less puffy? Because my hair doesnt just go puffy, it kinda waves up into this weird bushiness.

So tell me what you guys think and know. Thanks :)

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