Newbie! Can you help with my hair type please? :-)

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Hi everyone! New here, living on the East coast. Can anyone help me decide what my hair type is? I was thinking maybe 2b? But I don't really know! Thanks so much!



  • DeestroyerDeestroyer Registered Users Posts: 8
    Anyone? :-)
  • DeestroyerDeestroyer Registered Users Posts: 8
    Here's two more pics!
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    I would definitely say 2 a/b. Looks a lot like my hair. What are your other deets? Like thick, thin, fine, medium, coarse, porous, brittle, elastic? Etc.
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    Your waves start very close to your roots for most of it, so generally speaking you are a 2b.

    Many people have multiple curl types on their head, and curl patterns can vary even from day to day depending on the weather, the products or styling methods used, or even medications/time of month/year/etc. Some days, I am a 2a (even though my curl pattern is mostly 2b with a bit of 2c underneath and a few angry 2a pieces on my forehead/canopy, and some springy 3a bits on the underside near my ears - try styling all that LOL) because I don't bother to do anything but wash my hair (that's all the energy I have some days due to chronic pain).

    Some people have more consistency with their curls, but those people tend to be 3s and 4s (my hubs is a 4c, he's West Indian) or people who live in a climate that has a consistent weather/humidity range. Us wavies have a randomness that can be hard to manage (and a lot of people find it frustrating to manage their waves at first when they are still trying to figure out their hair's properties). Your S'waves look good and healthy.
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