hair strands falling out

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I notice all the time lately that I have thin strands of hair that are falling out. I have to watch out I don't get them in the food when i am cooking. I find strands on my clothes. When I wash my hair there is always hair strands in the sink. They are just thin strands and I am always noticing them and gently removing them. They don't seem to come from the roots. I am on thyroid meds (Levoxyl and compounded T3)but had lowered one of them until recently so perhaps that is the culprit but not sure. Any suggestions?


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    I would suggest you go on a thyroid forum for more detailed information but I can give you a general over view.

    Hair, skin and nails are the last parts of the body to be given optimum nutrients if you have any conditions that cause malabsorption/deficiency in nutrients so they are the first things that are effected hence the hair loss.

    In general if you are happy with the level of thyroid drugs you are on and your symptoms are under control then don't meddle with the dosage. The reason your lab results are coming back fine is because the dosage you were on was working for you.

    In addition if you have thyroid problems you need to have your vitamin B12, folate, ferritin (iron) and vitamin D3 levels measured. You then need to get a print out of the lab results from your doctor as doctors are not trained in nutritional analysis in med school. They only do some training post-qualification if they are interested in sports science.

    This means the majority of doctors think that having a level at the lower level of lab range is enough and so think you are making it up if you have symptoms if these are at this level. This is not true.

    When they did the levels they chose the ranges where most women fell into and weren't reporting any serious symptoms of illness. In the case of Vitamin D when I first had issues and was tested, by the time I was retested again 9 months later the lab range had changed to a higher optimum range as it was realised people were complaining of symptoms at lower levels.

    Having optimum levels of vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D and ferritin (iron) with the thyroid drugs helps your thyroid function properly.

    Sub-optimum levels of these vitamins and iron are commonly found in people who have thyroid issues which is why I know about them. (I don't have thyroid issues but due to my issues with these vitamins and iron I tend to be tested once a year in case I do. )

    Anyway in the case of vitamin B12, folate and ferritin if you are not at least in the middle of the lab range you need to supplement. Iron needs to be taken 4 hours away from your thyroid meds.

    In the case of vitamin D you need to ensure you are in the optimum part of the lab range, if not supplement with vitamin D3.

    I can give you dosages if you have lab results but to be fair you are better of going to a thyroid forum as it will make you feel better overall.

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