Weird curl angles?

Lily.StoneLily.Stone Registered Users Posts: 4
So I have diffused, air dried, and plopped my hair on different days, but it always seems to end up with curl clumps pointing in a million different directions. Like my part is all wonky and my curls stick out in weird shapes. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Am I using gel with too hard of a hold?


  • LilBookBugLilBookBug Registered Users Posts: 10
    Aw, I feel ya! My hair does the same thing--usually when I plop. When I flip my hair upside down like how you're supposed to plop, it ends up so wonky when I take it out! I'm trying to be extra careful about making sure my part is already made, and everything is how I want it while it's still soaking wet. Also, I've started putting in my product without flipping my head all the way over, and put my plop-t-shirt thingy on with the hair exactly how I want it to lay.
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    This can happen from a layered cut (how the hair was trimmed) too. My hair does this, but I've come to embrace it. Though it's usually worse if I plop too long or the hair was bent oddly being put in the diffuser.
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  • Lily.StoneLily.Stone Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tips! Glad to know I'm not the only one... I'm thinking I may need to diffuse my hair while lying down (have you done this?) vs. flipping my head over so I can control the arrangement of my curls.

    I do need to get a curl-focused haircut at some point. Since I've just started embracing my curls I'm still stuck with weird bangs from my "straight" hair days!
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    My hair will do the same thing when I diffuse that's why I don't diffuse. I let my hair air dry. On 2nd-3rd day hair I only spritz my hair with water so it doesn't take long to air dry. I don't need much product on 2nd+ day hair because the product already in gets re-activated.

    Try air drying your air. Get a cotton tshirt and scrunch dry it more so it will air dry faster.
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    Also, some lengths, plopping just doesn't work. Or don't plop AS long. Try more gentle squeezing and holding to wick out the water.
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    I get the same problem too, from time to time. Btw you remind me so much of The Polished Curl :)! I take my hair out of my plop when it's about 75-90% dry and if I have a wonky piece I use a bobby pin/mini butterfly clip/double pronged clip to fix it. If I have super wonky piece of hair, I usually dampen it again, use a bit more gel, and then reshape the curl with my fingers 'till it looks better then let dry.
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      • PretzelPretzel Registered Users Posts: 12
        I have the same issue...your hair in your pic looks a lot like mine right after i diffuse...especially if I left it in the plop too long. One thing I've found that usually fixes it is to rub two drops of argan oil in my hands...flip, smooth and scrunch. I then fluff up the roots with what is left on my hands. Two drops are not enough to make my hair greasy but scrunches out any crunch, tames everything and softens up my curls so they hang much nicer. It really makes a difference.

        I also then use the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Finishing Paste on Day 1 on my roots and my ends. It gives my hair just enough grab to keep it from being fly away but doesn't weigh it down at all. I just use a pea size on my roots then another pea size for my ends.

        Keep playing with different things. I'm finally getting my hair to look decent after 5 months of going back to CG. :)
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        I had this problem for the longest time. I've found a few things that help: one, if hair starts to harden prior to diffusing, wet hands slightly and scrunch hair gently to soften it up so it folds nicely in the diffuser and two, whilst in the shower, scrunch water from hair and see how it behaves… if any "weird" zigzag-ish shapes appear, apply some more conditioner to those areas to soften them up, and three, adding some mousse to the ends of the hair can help keep them soft and folding nicely in the diffuser and four, you can try adding some more leave in conditioner to soften the hair up.

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