Tons of brand new hair dye to swap!

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Hi there,

I am known as a bit of a hait chameleon in terms of color, so I am doing some spring cleaning on my collection and have tons of brand new tubes of hair dye to swap. I have Pravana Vivids in orange, neon orange, which I was using over my red for a boost. I also have wild orchid and blissful blue, which is a pastel. Also in my collestion are a bunch of Koleston Perfect tubes, in 77/43, 8/34 and 0/43. Message me if interested! :)
* 3B curls, thick/coarse, low porosity, and high density *
Co-wash: Garnier Triple Nutrition or Herbal Essence Color Me Happy or Herbal Essence Hydralicious Self-Targeting or Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter - Detangler: The Wet Brush - Leave-in: Giovanni Direct - Styling cream: Eden Bodyworks Coconut All Natural Curl Defining Cream - Styling gel: Jessicurl Spiralicious - Extra shine: The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Mango or Coconut - Color: Pravana Vivids in Too Cute Coral