Gray at 23- how to handle it?

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I'm 23 years old and started going gray when I was 14 y/o. almost ten years later I have a large amount of white hair in my front. Although I used to dye it, as the time pass, I fell less and less uncomfotable with the chemicals that are in the hair colors, and with the way it can affect my health. also I suspect that I getting allergic to the hair colors, because every time it itches.

I would like to hear if any of you had the same problem (Gray hair+ hate of hair color). how did you handle it? did you have enough courage to not dye? My biggest problem with going gray is how the society will handle it and judge me.

thanks a lot! :compress:


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    first of all, forget what others think. generally the ones who don't like it are fearful of aging, it's their problem.

    i started graying at 17, and by 40 was a salt and pepper. i also started more in the front, i think most do. my daughter also started graying in her teens and now in her 30s has more than strands, closer to a light salt and pepper, again, mostly in the front.

    white hair is in, either the entire head of streaks/patches. i know of one young woman, in her early 20s, who bleaches the underneath parts of her hair white and wears a ponytail with all the white back, bottom and sides contrasting with her black hair. she is very stylish and looks great.
    same place i know her from (swing dance) there is a man with all white hair, probably in his late 30s who is extremely attractive.

    there is also stacy london of the old tv show, what not to wear, who always also had a white patch from the front of her head. google her and you will see photos.

    you need to feel good about yourself. keep your hair healthy and cut in a flattering cut for you. i personally think gray/white hair with a young face is very attractive.

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    Thank you very much for this kind answer!

    It really encourage me to trust my feelings, and especially, my hair :)
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    My grandmother had a large white streak in the front of her hair by her thirties and never dyed it. It was striking and beautiful and I wished in the worst way that I would inherit it. I didn't of course, but I still think about her gorgeous hair. I didn't start to go grey until my late 40's and have never dyed it. I can't say what I would have done if I had gone grey earlier, but I know if I had gotten a streak in front I never would have dyed it no matter how young I was.
    And ditto RBB. Forget what society/the media tell us we should do.
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