Which hair color would look best on me?

Hey everyone! I don't like my natural hair color. I was a blonde when I was younger and then turned dark brown when I was 13-14. I was happy with both of those colors but I don't like my current color of light brown/reddish so I'm going to dye it. The problem is I don't know what color I want to dye it, blonde (not the platinum blonde with roots, natural looking blonde hair) or dark brown (not dark, dark almost black hair. Just a medium/dark brown color). I keep changing my mind and can't decide. It's driving me insane! Some people have one hair color that looks the best on them and I get told by my family and hair stylists that I could go either way and that both colors would look good. But I just don't know. I like them both. I can't decide. I would really like your opinion on which color you think would look best. Thank you everyone!