Help! I got a speeding ticket in Virginia

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Hi again,

So here's topic #1: Last weekend I got a "speeding" ticket in Virginia, A state known for its habit of ticketing. I know better ,but I was passing another car and I think he clocked me at 5 miles an hour more than I was actually doing, but anyway.

My driving record is clear and I fear this will get me points and up my insurance. I'd like to avoid that but I was resigned to have to let that happen. I live 3 states away so going back to Virginia to fight the ticket just is not going to happen.

However, I got two postcards in the mail yesterday from law firms that say, have you gotten a traffic ticket in Virginia?" and they go on to say that they can appear for you in court and fight for you , reduce fees or clear up the issue entirely. The ee is $75 or something like that.

Normally, I ignore solicitations like this, but I'm wondering, if the VA ticketing this is so robust that it's spawned a ticket-fighting cottage industry, maybe this is not a scam?

Are there any Virginia locals (or people familiar with this situation) who can chime in on this? Should I consider using one of these firms to fight for me and save me some points? Or am I not seeing this clearly because I'd really like to not get any points?

Any advice or feedback is appreciated.


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