Help a Frizzy Newbie :-(

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Hi There my Name is Susy , I'm new here and I've been using the Curly method for 4 months now , at first my hair looked awesome and shiny but after a while my curls disappeared , I gues it was all the damage I've done to my hair . So I got a Haircut and my curls were back and I was so happy .. But not for too long :-( . It doesn't matter what i do I end up with a lot of friz .
I was using SM curly hibiscus line but i guess because of change on temperature my hair doesn't like it anymore , so Currently I'm using SM Superfruit Complex shampoo & conditioner , I wash my hair Every 3 to 4 days , I refresh 2nd & 3rd curls with a Lavender spray , I use protective styles to sleep and I use the SM conditioner as a Leave In then I use KCCC and Coconut oil , I plop my hair for 5 min then I diffuse for like 5 min and then I let it air dry.I DC once a week , i don't brush my hair at all and I still end with a frizzy mess .
I've used the Flaxseed Gel , the eco styler gel , the shea moisture line for curly hair and nothing seems to work . I attached pics of my hair so You guys can see .:-)

I believe I have 2c / 3a not sure lol
High porosity
Low density

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  • CurlySusyCurlySusy Registered Users Posts: 6
    I meant type 2c / 3a 😮
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  • curlyannie80curlyannie80 Registered Users Posts: 334 Curl Neophyte
    Hi :). Firstly, I want to say that your hair and curls are BEAUTIFUL! Youve got great definition and shine going on. To me, you look like a 3a also. I was just thinking, when I first began the whole curly girl thing, and started taking better care of my hair, I actually started getting a lot of new growth, and so it looked like I had a frizzy halo. Do you think that could be it, possibly? If not, I'm also wondering if, when you apply your products, is your hair super wet? For me, that makes a huge difference. If my hair has been blotted, or if I wait even a few minutes to apply my LI and gel, I get major frizz. Another thing is, sometimes plopping gives people frizz. I can't even do it because of that, and we have very similar hair. Another idea is, are you using any products that contain glycerin? For a lot of people (including me), glycerin makes hair frizzy. I sadly can't ever use any glycerin containing products because of that.
    OK, those are just some ideas, good luck with narrowing down the culprit(s).
    My properties are: low porosity @roots norm porosity @ length, norm density, norm elasticity, fine strands, mid back length 3b /3a curl type

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  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    Your curls are really pretty. I have had some frizz issues the same as you and what I found is that it was too much protein for me. I quit using coconut oil and any products with protein and my frizz is improving. So maybe you are using too much protein and need more moisture? I have also found that products with glycerin and/or aloe do not work for me and causes some frizz.

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  • CurlySusyCurlySusy Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thank You for replying girls ! And I read somewhere to apply product in the shower while hair is dripping wet , today was my first time trying it and I did see a difference however I was thinking maybe it's the plopping that's giving me the frizz because after I put all my products You could see really defined curls and no frizz but as soon as I took out the shirt from my hair I saw the frizz even on wet hair , And it might be a combo of frizz and new hair because before I started the Curly method my hair was falling like crazy , you could see it from the edges and now the change is like really dramatic because I got all this new hair growth and I'm so happy about it 😊😊😊 so I guess I'll stop plopping for a while and see if that helps 😕

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  • MyWomenPowerMyWomenPower Registered Users Posts: 33
    Actually, you hair look a 3A and 3B mixture.. I have the same problem.. same hair type.. it is actual changing guadually.. so I guess I can't really be sure.. but your hair is definitely a 3B.. small curls with lots of definition..
  • curlyannie80curlyannie80 Registered Users Posts: 334 Curl Neophyte
    Yay, I'm glad you're figuring out what's causing the frizz, and good luck with everything. Your hair is beautiful!

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  • Curls80Curls80 Registered Users Posts: 526 Curl Connoisseur
    I see 3a mixed with 3b as well. I don't see a frizzy mess- you have gorgeous hair!

    The only thing I can add is that coconut oil, from everything I've read, can be more effective as a pre-poo, not as a sealant, because it penetrates the hair. And glycerin for me is not great. I avoid that ingredient!
    3a/3b high porosity, mainly coarse, medium density
    Live in Canada- hot summers, freezing winters- dry dry dry
    As I am cleansing pudding, soultanicals deep condish, curlsmith cowash, lhdc condish 
    KCCC, curlsmith soufflé, ufdcm, mga sculpting gel 
    Scrunch with hair repear towel, then diffuse or air
    Protein- Cnpf

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