Need serious help- how to go about achieving this hairstyle?

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I've been trying to achieve this affect for a while now. My hair is nappy, not horribly bad (I'm mixed) but still nappy. Now, I've used a texturizer and it halfway works, the effect is "at its peak" I guess you can say, when I rinsed the texturizer out, and use coconut oil conditioner. I'll use Nu-Nile to "keep the hold" and moisturize, but then as the day goes by, the curls will start to shrink into like little balls, they won't be as defined and "loosened". What is your honest advice on how to achieve this? I also bought some soft sheen chemical rearranger off this site just now, would that help? All comments (helpful & serious) are appreciated, I've been doing the same old low cut, spinning waves for yearrrrs, I wanna try something different PHOTO REFERENCE: I can't post images yet?! -_- Google Craig David texturizer second picture red undershirt

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