New 2a?

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Hi! Ive only recently begun trying to enhance my waves-my layers hold the curl longer than the bottom portion of my hair.

I use the OGX moroccan curl cream and the HASK curl defining spray. I need a good gel that will help hold my waves all day without being crunchy! Thanks!
also, what is plopping?


  • guthak01guthak01 Registered Users Posts: 195 Curl Novice
    Most gels with give you some sort of crunch, but when your hair is fully dry you can scrunch your hair and the crunchiness should dissolve.

    LA Looks Sport Gel is a cheap and popular gel that will really hold your waves, but it will give you crunch. However, it has always dissolved when I scrunch it out. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted and Set Me Up Gels are good as well.

    Plopping is basically gently tying your hair in a turban to compress the waves/curls on your hair. It helps to dry hair and enhance your curl pattern.

    This is a link to the thread on different techniques such as plopping.
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    Hi fellow 2A! Definitely don't be afraid of the crunchiness with gel. You actually want that. It helps capture your curls and guard them from frizz as they dry.

    Here's me pre-scrunch and post-scrunch. My hair was a little damp when I did it this time so it didn't come out as good as usual, but it gives you an idea.


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