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Hi. I think I'm a between a 2B - 2C and I'm not sure yet about everything else. I've always been told I have think hair and a ton of hair. So my hair tends towards being bigger and poufy especially on the days I don't wash it. The thought of styling it upside down or blow drying upside down scares me - it doesn't need to get any bigger and I don't worry about volume.

Anyway, I've been reading a lot about what to do with 2nd day hair and realize I haven't been using products I have correctly or at all. Anyone use any of the following Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends (been using as a leave-in conditioner), Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick (been using after Sealed Ends), Brocato Saturation (leave-in conditioner I haven't used in a while, but thought I'd try it with water in a water bottle for 2nd day hair), Brocato Hold-On (gel, I use it after Sealed Ends & Moisture Kick), and Yes to Coconut Hair Treatment Curl Defining Hair Smoother (been using this on 2nd day+ hair to calm down frizz, but don't think I've been using it correctly or it's not that great?)? Please help.


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    I have never used any of those products, but I know 2nd day hair can be tricky especially if you are dead set on wearing it down. For my 2nd day hair, I just put about a quarter sized amount of conditioner (leave in or rinse out) in my palm, add in a little water, and then smooth it over and under my hair. Finally, I scrunch my curls.

    Personally, using a spray bottle on my hair does nothing but frizz me out/give me big hair. I need to smooth on more conditioner and water, which helps to keep frizz at bay.

    As far as big hair goes, if you would like to minimize the volume, I would try leaving more of your conditioner in your hair when you wash it in order to weigh down the waves.

    If you are content with the volume you have, there really is no need to style upside down or diffuse upside down.

    Also, are all of those products for 2nd day hair? or just the Yes to Coconut Hair Treatment?
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    I think conventional wisdom is leave-in, cream (enhancer/definer), gel/mousse or leave-in, oil, cream (then possibly gel/mousse)

    I'm not sure if that answers your question lol.

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