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I want to start by saying I have been natural for 2 years and I have a lot of shrinkage. I haven't found a good product to define my curls I've tried gel but it dries my hair out and I don't like the crunchy feel. Also, I haven't found a good deep conditioner it's like nothing works any suggestions?


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    For Brittle hair issues:
    Any of the following may help:
    A Clay Rinse treatment:
    Bentonite clay or Rhassoul Clay mixed with water can be used as either a pre-shampoo treatment or deep dtreatment as well as a non-shampoo mud-rinse...

    Onion Mask treatment;
    Process one white onion into creamy pulp and apply to hair as an overnight pre-shampoo treatment. Hair will be very soft.

    Aubrey Organics Blue-Green Algae Conditioner mask
    Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner & Shampoo

    For combating shrinkage;
    Style hair in 2-strand-twists or flat-plaits and allow to dry-- it should give you a bit more stretch.

    super dry 2d, 3cd, 4abc Gel-Styling tip;
    apply a layer of plain food grade Aloe vera Gel +/under a smidge of golden castor oil to hair +/under before applying gel styler (eco-white, eco-brown or wetline extreme)...

    Also Artec Mousse may be worth a try.
    'Poo: Aubrey Organics or Suave Clarifying
    or Liquid African Black Soap (only 4-ingredients ; awesome!)
    Co-Wash: Aubrey Organics or Suave Condish
    Condish: Aubrey Organics or Onion Mask or Yogurt
    DT: Honey + Olive Oil + AO Condish or Yogurt mix
    Best Gel Combo, Ever!: Elasta Qp Feels Like Silk Liquid Gel +/under Eco Styler [Krystal, Brown] Gel (or under Wetline Extreme Styling Gel)- awesome!!

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