Alternative to One Condition in humidity

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Let me start by saying i am a recent convert to the Curly Girl Method. I am currently using One Condition as a leave in and Curls Blueberry Control jelly as a styler. I read that when it starts getting humid it shouldn't be used because of the high glycerin content. What are some good leave ins that are curly girl friendly with a lower glycerin content? I also wouldn't mind knowing what styler I should use with the leave ins? I believe I'm 3C, low porosity I will try to post a pic soon


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    Hi I'm in cosmetology and my teacher recommended briogeo curl charisma she told me it was really good but it was $18 you can order it on Amazon I'm going to try to order it soon
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    That's strange! I've been using Deva for both winter and summer and regardless of humidity it's been fine. I think the issue is really perhaps with the styler. I can say from experience that Deva products act a little strange sometimes with products from other brands, so if *possible* I'd suggest trying the Ultra Defining Gel with it instead. They sell small bottles for around $8 at Ulta, so that'd be good to test it out. Beats having to buy and use a third product; just replace the styler you've been using! And a little goes a long way; since this statement is so cliché, to put it into perspective, I bought the 12 oz bottle of Ultra Defining Gel for $20. *Three months later* it's still half full. (Mind you my routine is to wash every 7 days, but that's still inCREDible!) It's better to just change the styler too, especially if you've been getting good moisture and definition from One Condition. :thumright:
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    Thank you! I will definitely look into buying the ultra defining gel. I've been looking to try a new styler anyway. The blueberry control jelly is ok. But I'm not completely happy with it. I didn't even think of changing the styler and not the leave in! Great idea! Thanks :)
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    I've tried brio products and sadly they made my hair look like ramen noodles. Sadly that has scarred me from trying any more of their products lol. But thanks for the suggestion!

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