Curls twisted together - not in a good way!

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Tonight in the shower I tried conditioning my hair upside down and combing through it to promote clumps. Everythings going great, I'm rinsing, it's clumping, I scrunch with hands and t-shirt, put product in, plop, no problems.

When I take my hair out of the plop.. it's hard to describe. Because it's been combed forward, upside down, it's stuck to your head if that makes sense. I tried to scrunch as far back as I could maybe it wasn't enough, but then I don't think the plopping would have helped.

I took it out of the plop and the curls were all twisted together at the top of my head! I have hair past my shoulders but it wouldn't drop below chin length! I tried shaking my hair, scrunching to encourage them to fall but nothing. I thought maybe my hair was still wet so I diffused but still nothing... does that make sense?

I can see that this whole thing is encouraging my curls, but it's just not looking like I want it too, it parts in all directions on top and you can see my scalp it looks awful

I have a crown where my hair flattens near the back of my head and I feel the t-shirt pressing against it during the plop makes it worse. The hair just gets pushed to either side and to pull the hair over it just makes it frizz and pull the curl out because I'm touching it

I really want to love my curls but they separate into lots of little curls and it looks like frizz I don't like it :cry:

Has anyone else had to modify the way they do things because their hair just won't co-operate?


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    Hi! I actually have that same problem when I plop after squish to condish, so I stopped plopping. Squish to condish, or my version of it, encouraged my curl more uniformly than plopping did, so I basically switched. Do you think that might work for you?
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    Oh I thought of another thing. You said your hair separates too much and you get lots of frizz right? Well, what I do in the shower to prevent that is kind of time consuming but it works really well for me. While my head is upside down, after I've detangled with conditioner and rinsed most of it out, I run my fingers through my hair to try to encourage it to separate into it's natural clumps. Then I smooth conditioner over each individual clump and make sure they're sticking together nicely and aren't the least bit knotted or frizzy. After that I do the more traditional squish to condish thing - srunching up the hair with conditioner and rinsing with water in my hands - but I make sure not to disturb the clumps I have going. If I do mess them up, I smooth a bit of conditioner over it again.
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    What do you do if you don't plop? I'll try again tomorrow and try and lift it away from my head somehow when I'm combing and scrunching
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    Becky_x wrote: »
    What do you do if you don't plop? I'll try again tomorrow and try and lift it away from my head somehow when I'm combing and scrunching

    I have the same problem with my clumps separating whenever I style my hair upside down. So i style by tilting my head to the side and then scrunch with a cotton towel. This encourages my curls without destroying my clumps. Plopping just isn't for everyone.

    If you need extra volume you can clip your roots, and then when hair is completely dry you can massage your scalp a bit to give more volume. HTH
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