I asked about doing my own BC, and I did it!

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It's been quite a while since I've posted here on the forums. I posted a question in the "Ask" section of the NC website, and evidently it got picked up by the editors. I feel special! :)

"Has anyone done their own BC?"

Since my question got picked up, I figured I would post about my results in case anyone was curious. I did my last henna root touch-up in December, and waited until I had about an inch of growth. I did my big chop at home, yesterday! I sectioned off my hair, put them in twists, and put a hair tie around each section. Then I used hair scissors to cut off the sections. It ended up being around 15 inches of length, not stretched, that I'll be donating to charity. Yay!

I finished off the cut by using clippers with a 1 inch guide comb. My husband helped me with the back. Here's a photo after I washed and deep conditioned, hair is still wet:


I have to say, I am super happy with having done this! It was very liberating and empowering doing it myself. I have zero regrets! It's now "the day after," and I'm starting to see more curls than I did yesterday. I imagine the curl pattern was probably affected by the weight of the length, and now that it's gone, the curls will get tighter over time. I'm excited to see how it changes as time goes on, or maybe it won't change! It's a mystery :)
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