Please help me embrace my curls! Need opinions..also hair type?

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[PHP][/PHP]I'm 27 and have been straightening my hair ever since the CHI came out! I have always hated my curly hair. I live in Portland, OR where it rains all the time... I'm sick of hiding from the weather! I got some sudden urge to try to Embrace my curly hair. I went all out... Went to the store and bought product and even have my husband cut my hair and give me layers (he did a great job). I'm already having the feeling like what the heck did I just do... I hate curly hair, but he keeps saying he loves it. I would like your opinions on the shape of my cut, any suggestions for touch ups that you see need to happen, and if my hair looks ok in the pics. You know how sometimes you think one things looks good and then your Bff will set you straight because it actually looks pretty hideous.? Well please be my blunt Bffs and give me your honest opinion since I have pretty much zero experience
with curly hair. The thing I've noticed is that I actually like the kinda frizzy poofy look. I like the volume of it. does it look like a joke? Should I keep the curls defined? I will post pics of my old straight hair, old curly hair, and new cut curly hair. Thank you for your help ladies!!!! Also I think my type is 3a-3c? What do you guys think?
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    Yes, curly hair can be tricky.

    Here are some links that will help you:

    The cut looks good on you. ;)

    It looks like you may be a 3a or even 3b (if you have any heat damage etc, and you grow out out it more than likely will become curlier)

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    Thank you for the links. I've actually been using the CG method for 2 or 3 years now. Either low or no poo, no sulfates, no cones, etc. when I straighten my hair I usually go about 2 weeks without even wetting it, so I don't destroy it daily. By 14 days, it still looks fine ( thanks to no excess oil production bc of CG method), but I think it's probably pretty gross by then so I wash it. The transition to actually wearing it curly is the hardest part. It makes me feel like a lazy slob :( I think it's all in my head, but I can't figure out why ?!
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    When you're mentally ready to become natural, then other people's opinions of how poofy or not poofy it is won't matter. It's all personal preference. It doesn't matter what WE or anyone else thinks of your hair. We have our own hair issues to deal with and you'll be ultimately be wearing your hair on your own head, not us.

    Your hair looks fine. However, I do find that longer curly hair tends to look more droopy and not as defined due to the weight of the hair "stretching" the curls.

    btw, I'm a fellow PNW curly girl, and it rains just as much up here (Seattle area) and the rain doesn't mess with my hair.
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  • Tara.BourdonTara.Bourdon Posts: 11Registered Users
    I hear what you are saying about being mentally ready, which I'm obviously not, but I don't think I should just keep straightening just because I'm not 100% mentally ready. That being said, I've always hated my curls and hate all looks of curly hair on me... you know? But I'm TRYING. I'm asking for opinions because I see no beauty in it myself, so I am curious to know what others see.

    Good to know your curly hair does well in the PNW! That's what I'm hoping for. I was trying to say that I'm tired of hiding from the humidity and rain when my hair is straightened. It's impossibly ridiculous, which is a major reason I'm trying to go natural, so I don't have to freak out if my hood blows off and a drop of rain touches my hair.

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