Peter Coppola Keratin treatment

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Hi! I am going to get the Coppola Keratin treatment done next week. I have extremely thick (on the bottom, thinner on the top) hair, combo of 3C and 4B. My hair is very dry, very coarse, "Z" type curls, without product its a huge fuzz ball and it would probably dread within a day. It has triangle shape because it is so thick on lower half. The top of my head is almost straight. though still coarse and dry. Basically no cut, nothing I have done has made it manageable so I put coconut oil in it and conditioner and always have it up in a knot. I am trying the Coppola Keratin treatment because I am at my wits end with this hair and not being able to wear it down and spending a half hour in the shower trying to comb conditioner through it.

My question is, after getting the treatment I do not plan on blowing/flat ironing it straight everyday, I am not getting the treatment done because I want straight hair, I am just hoping it calms my hair a little. Wondering what your experiences are with it, especially those who do not blow their hair straight regularly. Wonder if my hair will just finally be a pretty looser curl or what.

I am white but have texture similar to African hair. If I werent white I would probably chop it all off and have a pretty Afro. Would love to hear your experiences! Thanks!

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