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I have decided to go natural (no more keratin treatments) and it has been a long time since I styled my 3a/b hair curly with lots of body.

I live in Canada.

What is the most moisturizing leave-in product out there? What does hard gel mean and do I need one? I used to use Aveda Confixer and I did get frizzy sometimes.

How am I supposed to use Coconut Oil? I bought a whole jar and experiment with it, but it seems when I use it for styling, my hair looks greasy.



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    I can't believe NObody has replied to you yet! I didn't want to read and run, but I am actually brand new to this curly thing too. I've been straightening for years.

    I think a hard gel is the kind that makes you hair crunchy and look permanently wet, but have no idea and could be completely wrong. I avoid gel altogether because I don't like the look of super defined individual curls. I prefer a little frizz and mess. Like Lorde's hair.

    I don't know what the most moisturizing thing is, but I know that coconut oil is great. Apparently the molecules in coconut oil are small enough to actually penetrate the hair shaft unlike most other oils. As for how to use coconut oil, I've found that it CAN be used as a styler, if you are very light handed with it. I will usually use less than a quarter size scoop on sopping wet hair. When it's just damp, it is more likely to end up looking greasy because more product ends up on the hair. For the most part though, it doesn't do much for me as a styler, it tends to just weigh my hair down. I use it as a once or twice a week (I've been doing curly hair for about one week now) About an hour or so before I take shower, I apply it generously through my dry hair. I brush through it with a an old boar bristle to evenly distribute it. I'm sure someone will have an opinion on brushing "disrupting the curl pattern", but this is just what I do. Then I twist my hair up in a bun and cover it in a shower cap or something. and wait until I'm ready to shower. To remove, I do a very thorough co wash with V05 or whatever other cone-free condish I have.

    I've been using the Shea Moisture line (milk and smoothie) and have liked it so far. I also just bought a Cantu spray that I really like.I just kinda pile all of the products into my hair and it doesn't ever seem like too much. I mean... I don't have anything to compared these things to since I JUST started wearing my hair curly a week ago ;) but I like them so far.

    I've also realized for my 3a/b hair using a T-shirt to squeeze out excess water seriously ruins my curls and makes a frizzy disaster. It is a wreck, seriously. All I can do is use my hands to squeeze it the best I can and then diffuse from there. I have tons more frizz from air drying too, that's why I've been diffusing.

    This is all so complicated. Honestly, straightening my hair once every two weeks was wayyyyyy less work than this curly business. I'm ready to give up on it!

    If you learn any new tips, fill me in! Good luck

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