Curl type?

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I just started doing the CGM this morning, but still pretty confused about my hair type. Can y'all help me out, please?


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    You are a 2c! The longer you follow the CGM (aka the healthier your hair becomes) the more defined your 2c hair will be. I wish you the best on your hair journey!

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    I was thinking 2c/3a, but wasn't quite sure. Before damaging my hair by straightening it on a near daily basis, my curls used to be a lot more defined, and I think it was closer to 3a, I'm hoping by following the CGM I can get them back. :)

    Thanks again for your input!
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    a lot of 2cs turn out to be 3a (myself included) once they are on the cg regime for bit. each person is different, my hair responded in a couple of weeks, some longer. or, your hair may just stay 2c in a very healthy way.

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    Yes, I agree with the others and think you are a 2C. I'm pretty sure I'm a 2C, too. I've been on the CG method for about two months...and have never had this much curl in the winter! I'm loving it!
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    Your curls look pretty similar to mine, so I'm going to have to agree on the 2c front. You'll probably see 3a pop up once you've been on a routine for a while, specially since you said your hair was curlier before straightening.
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