Henna question (crossposted)

(posted in the giant "experiences with henna" thread, but as that one seems pretty dead, thought I would stick it here as well.)

So I want to try henna and the internet is overwhelming as crap and you guys are geniuses and please help a girl with your beautiful wisdom.

So a few things:

-I want to try henna. My hair is sort of a light brown/dark blonde with reddish tones. I want to get a vibrant, but as-natural-as-possible red, maybe in the aubern range. Does anyone have ideas on how to achieve this? I've read about Red Raj and Rajisthani hennas, and I *think* those will give me what I want, but not sure if the red would be too bright for what I'm looking for? People describe ruby reds and suddenly I have images of crimson going on.

-I've heard for curls it's good to apply amla, but that it tones down the red. Is the tone-down significant? I wouldn't mind having a bit more brown in there, but I still want the red to be the star of the show. I'm a little too intimidated to play with indigo.

-Does using the mix-ins like hibiscus flowers help? Will that give me a crazy vibrant color? I want it to be noticeable, but as I said, as natural-looking as possible, rich and real.

I know these questions have varying answers, so just...best-guess would be great. Also I'm blind, so if my colors aren't too specific, that's why. I know what colors look like, but if you want to offer me comparison pics, they'll be wasted. My main goals are getting something that is bright but natural, and which avoids orange. I'm pretty pale and freckly, and afraid if I get too orangey I may look like I'm dying. :D

Help would be so appreciated...I'm going to do strand tests and everything, but if I can avoid buying 6000 samples, that would be super. And on that final note...I've heard of the big-names for buying henna online. Have people had luck buying it locally? I'll do what I have to, but it would be...nice not to have to pay $30 to get enough henna to cover my hair.

Thanks for all the potential help!



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    Amla only tones down the red when used in combination with indigo. So you can use it to help prevent curl loss that can occur with henna without worries.

    I can't be of much help when it comes to buying local henna, I'm afraid. But body art quality is what most recommend, as that won't have harmful (or hair color changing) additives. The one on Mehandi designed to cover greys is supposed to have an auburn type of shade. I've tried it before but not gotten good dye release on my hair so I can't really tell you much about the shade (plus I have dark brown hair so it would look different on me). I think the henna is cheaper on henna sooq if price is a concern. And I've gotten my amla on Mountian Rose Herbs in large quantity, as it's *much* cheaper that way. They may also have henna, but I haven't checked that.

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