Updated progress - hair cut and BRHG

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My hair looks so good today and I honestly just wanted to make this post to commemorate this moment. It's been a long time since I've had a good hair day...and this is second day hair. Jan 2016.jpg
The last time I posted on this board was in June and I was dealing with major frizz issues. June 2015.jpg
I think the biggest help was getting a haircut by someone who knows curly hair and adding Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee to my routine. At the time of my hair cut, my hair was bra length, the longest its ever been. My hair stylist said the length of my hair was weighing down any curl pattern. He cut more layers in my dense hair and cut off 2-3 inches in length. He did not use thinning shears or razors. I told him I used leave in conditioner or curl cream and he said I didn't need it - which is what many of you ladies recommended to me in June. He encouraged me to use a lot of gel - he used 2 huge blobs. After the hair cut, I went out and bought BRHG and I've been experimenting with it for a few weeks now. It makes my hair shiny and reduces so much of my frizz. At first I was applying pea sized amounts because everyone said it was such hard hold, but yesterday I used 2 quarter sized blobs on top of 2 half dollar amounts of SCE flax seed gel.

I still need to work on the front - my face framing layers are basically straight, but I'm so impressed with the difference this gel makes in my hair. One thing I'd like to ask your opinion on is squish to condish because I've read many people experience better clumping doing this technique. Do you think I should S2C, which leaves some conditioner in your hair, when I've been advised not to use leave-in conditioner? Or should I rinse it all out? And how can I get better distribution to my front?

Thanks for reading and feel free to share any of your recent successes.


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    love the cut!
    experiment with the squish to conditioner and see what happens, use a lightweight conditioner and use less conditioner. if it doesn't work for your hair, then you know.

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