Dance Moms Trying to Stay Curly Girl during dance season?

PretzelPretzel Registered Users Posts: 12

Just wondering if there are any dance moms out there trying to stay curly girl during dance season.

My DD is a competitive dancer that has 2b/3a hair. It can be a challenge to keep her hair smoothed in a slick hairstyle for dance comp with no bumps, frizz or fly-aways.

I usually start with damp, day 2 hair and have found the GF Curl Defining spray gel to be awesome for slicking. It doesn't flake and can be restyled by spraying with water. So far through the years her dances have required several hair changes through out the long competition day so the ability to either brush out or wet and restyle a styler is a must.

In the past I've used a ton of silicones to keep her frizzies and bumps tamed. This year trying to just use water soluable cones and oils as much as possible.

Has anyone else out there found magical products that holds up to a long weekend of dancing and are curly girl friendly?

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