Hairstyles for the in-between stage

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Hi everyone! So i recently did my big chop in late November after my one year and two month transitioning journey :). The main hairstyles I've been trying are wash n go's, puffs and twist outs. I;m starting to get kinda bored with these same styles and really wanna try something new but i don't know what styles to try. I really need suggestions, so if you have any ideas please say :toothy10:
My hair is currently collar bone length and my hair type is 3c with normal porosity.


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    Hi! I think you'll like this video. It has a lot of cute hairstyles that work for shorter hair. Hope I helped! :)
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    I did a post for some hairstyles you might find useful here

    It's mostly for naturals with short hair but I hope it helps!
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    During this stage I wore and still have tons of “skinny elastic headbands” (google that) in all different styles. Bows, without bows, little barrettes, anything sparkly. I would wash, condition, leave in condition and then slap on a cute headband and go. Headbands can be so versatile. Then can be cute or dramatic, think feather or very simple or formal, think tiara. I still rock headbands but with a bun.Your hair does not need to fit into a ponytail to create this .
    You can spend a small fortune. Just make sure you wear them and buy ones that don’t leave you with a headache at the end of the day.

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