Protective style for 3 month trip to Ghana

Hi, this is my first post so apologies if it is in the wrong section.

Anyway, soon I'll be going on a three month trip to Ghana into a developing community where I will be in a homestay.

I'm kind of new to afro hairstyling and I'm worried about how I'll be able to maintain it properly everyday. I am very much leaning towards braid extensions but I've read that you shouldn't keep them in for that long? Has anyone had experience of keeping them in for a long time? Are there any other things I could do instead?

I would be really grateful for your help. Thanks.


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    I can think of a simple solution - get your hair done in Ghana. If you are happy with braided styles then there will be one or more local women who do hair braiding. Just make sure they don't do it too tight.

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