Sealing with oil/butters

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I have managed to dry out my hair, and I think I have used too much protein. So I was doing some research on getting more moisture into my hair. I was thinking about sealing with olive oil when I came across an article where ouidad was saying that oils and butters suffocate hair and therefore dry it out. Has anyone experienced their hair drying out from sealing with oil?


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    you have to seal in moisture, a great moisturizing conditioner first. in fact, i'd do a deep treatment, then apply a moisturizing leave in, then seal.

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    The article you found had a great deal of discussion around it when it was first written. Anyway it was pointed out the article was misleading.

    This is due to most people use oils either as a pre-poo to prevent hydration fatigue or as a sealer. If they are using it as the latter as rbb stated you use it once your hair has some moisture already in it, just like how you apply moisturiser to your skin after a shower/bath.
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    Thank you rbb and Blueblood.
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    I agree with a deep conditioning treatment. I made the mistake of using a heavy protein treatment before I knew my hair didn't tolerate them. I used Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm as a deep conditioner for maybe an hour and it balanced it out.
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    Good to know CurlySia. GVP conditioning balm is what I'm using right now as my leave in. I'll do a deep treatment with it also.

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