Olaplex, and other ways I might minimize damage with coloring

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First of all, I've had a few grey hairs since I was a damn child. It started going grey in earnest in college, and really ramped up after 30 (I'm 35 now). I'm probably 25% grey (or rather, WHITE) at this point, and no, I'm not feeling the whole "embrace the grey" thing at my age... At some point yes, but not now.

Anyhow, I've been coloring for years - primarily done with a combo of 2:1 Ion Brilliance (perm) red copper (i'm using a 7 now, I've learned I need to go about 2 shades higher to get the intended results), and 7G to mute the red a bit + 10 vol developer. My natural color is a medium copper brown/auburn, but now that I have so much grey (and not just a cutesy streak, like all through my head, showing worst at the hairline), I've started going progressively lighter - hoping that will blend better when my roots come out, and I might not have to dye so often.

I've had balayage highlights + olaplex done twice now. This last time, I asked my stylist to pick up the No 3 (take home treatment), which I think worked WONDERS on my loosened curl pattern. I'm a believer. Does any one know if it's possible to get the whole olaplex set (1,2,3) without a hair stylist license? I'd like to try using the full system when I do my roots + pull through the color (only for 10 min or so) at home. I've googled it, and found several places that purport to sell it, but not sure if those are legit...

Any other thoughts from who have managed to minimize damage using color? I know about henna - but most of the pics I've seen are pretty dark shades, and the red is too RED (almost like a red-violet), which looks appalling on me. Thanks y'all!



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    Did you manage to find where you can buy olaplex? There's a few sellers on ebay but I'm not sure they're selling the real deal!
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    I got mind through Amazon. It is awesome stuff!!! It saved my hair!1
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    Yes, Ive just bought the travel set on amazon.

    I am going to do the stand alone treatment without colouring, I do home colour my hair and it is a lot less money, but my hair is dry at the ends , and I am sure that all this colouring can't be good for it(.But I am going grey and it is not a nice way of greying, it just looks dirty and old, and as I am getting older kicking and screaming to the grave, I am not yet ready to be grey!!)

    Anyway, on the olaplex website it gives the stylists instructions for use as a stand alone treatment for damaged hair , so I shall be treating it tomorrow!
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    I have no 3 in my hair as we speak.. will post results!
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