New Wavy, can't get my hair to look good, please help

Dawn.HolderDawn.Holder Registered Users Posts: 6
Hi everyone,
I've been stalking here for about 2 months. I decided to try CG as I wanted to help bring out whatever natural texture my hair had and to get away from using heat as my hair does have damage from heat/chemicals.
I've learned a lot from the forums here and tried a lot of the techniques and have a large bin full of products at home but I'm really struggling with making my hair look good; at least to the point where I can walk out of the house without wearing a hat. At this point I'm getting very frustrated and leaning towards going back to the curling iron!
I've tried the squish and condish and spritz and condish and putting product in my hair while it's soaking wet, then cover in a microfiber towel (plopping does nothing for me) then pixie diffuse then sotc. I get very nice waves but they look too piecey and producty. I'm almost wondering if my hair color contributes to it not looking good? I'm growing out an ombre and the look just is not attractive.
I've also tried putting product in after the shower, and after the microfiber towel (which is great; I can definitely tell a huge difference between this and a regular terrycloth towel!) and then either air drying or pixie diffusing and then I get thinner waves but still very separated looking and very much like I'm a refugee from the 80's!
I had my hair cut last week by my regular hairdresser and explained to her that I was trying to embrace my natural texture but she still cut my hair as if it was straight and did a round brush blow dry; also she used freaking thinning shears!!!!!!! so now my fine hair looks thinner on the sides.
I'm not sure where to go from here, I guess what I'm looking for is any advice on how to get my hair to look less piecey and deal with frizz?
Thanks so much!
Currently using:
Deva Curl no poo/low poo (alternating due to hard water)
Suave naturals coconut condish
AG recoil, Deva Curl Arcangel gel
Carol's Daughter sacred tiare serum on ends after sotc
I did try the gelatin protein treatment but it didn't seem to do much other than straighten my waves.

My hair is 2A, fine, med-high porosity and medium density


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    Hey...I'm a newbie here too and revisiting the curly girl method. I've been struggling with the same problem...piecey, stringy, producty looking 80's figured I'd share. I have fine 2bish hair. I tried Rudeechick's super soaker method (it won't let me post a link bc this is my first post but it is in the general discussion board) yesterday and it worked great! I got beefy, shiney, smooth wavy curls. You do lose volume and the top of my head was a lot more straight than normal but it is definitely worth a try. I want to get something in between this and 80's hair. I found that when I scrunch upside down I get the piecy look so may play with that and just scrunch right side up and leaning to the side.

    Yesterday the products I used were KCKT, SM Fruit Fusion Mousse and KCCC (this also has reduced the 80's look but think I will only be able to use it in the winter). It took forever to diffuse too with all the extra moisture but even got great second day hair out of it too. :)
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    thanks so much Pretzel! I'll try the super soaker method; also was thinking of trying ice queen. I did schedule an appointment for next week for a deva cut so fingers crossed! I appreciate your help :)
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    I'm glad you're able to go in for a Deva cut. Having a haircut with thinning shears is so nasty! I'm sorry that happened.

    If your hair is stringy and greasy, you might be reacting to something in the products you are using. Some people find that their hair reacts to glycerin this way (some people's hair is very sensitive to glycerin). If you have some glycerin-free products to try, I would use those instead and see if anything improves. (Note: Glycerin is usually OK in any rinse-out products, like shampoo and regular conditioner, but it is more of a problem in products that stay in the hair, like leave-in conditioners and stylers.)

    I also find that scrunching too much once my hair is dry causes it to frizz and lose clumps. I try to hold each section of hair in my towel for several seconds before moving on to the next part rather than just scrunch randomly and haphazardly all over my head. If you see places where your hair is not clumping nice once you are out of the shower, you can add additional leave-in to those places, or else you can add more water (the latter is kind of like the Super Soaker method, but you don't have to do it all over your head, just where you are seeing you need more clumps).
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    Low-porosity 2a/b baby-fine hair
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    80s hair! Yes! That struggle is so real. I pretty much have 80s hair when I don't put any product and air dry or when I put product on hair that isn't sopping wet and try to scrunch. If it isn't an 80s fluffy/piecey ginormous mass of hair, then it has clumps but absolutely no volume at all. The struuuggglleee!!!!

    Here's what I've come up with so far. This is different from anything I've seen other people describing but it's the only thing that's worked for me. Super soaker didn't work, or else I was doing it wrong. I had such high hopes for that, too :cry:

    So I'm in the shower. I detangle my hair, then flip it upside down. Then I pull the back portion back so it's falling down my back again. So half my hair is covering my face and the other half is down like normal, if that makes sense. You can keep all of it forward if you want though. This just helps me separate everything more easily.

    So here's the important part. I run my fingers or a shower comb through my hair under the shower until it separates into clumps. I then move my head out from under the water. I smooth each clump down so no stray hairs are escaping and there are no tangles. I run a small amount of conditioner over each clump to kind of stick it together. Then I scrunch some of the water out (but not all!) very gently without disturbing the clumps. You could scrunch clump by clump of you have to. At this point each clump is forming a nice corkscrew shape. I run leave in over it even more gently so as not to pull it out. I get out of the shower and apply other products by smoothing them over these clumps and then scrunching them in. Diffuse, SOTC, done.
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    Not enough sebum in the hair length was my problem all along when it came to frizz and not enough good clumping aka 80s hair or "wearing it big." To get sebum into the length of the hair from the scalp/roots I just wet the hair well in the shower and then use a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet and gently comb it through before I wash. I only wash every 3 days to ensure there is enough sebum and I'm not constantly washing it out. I also only wash that much because I get flareups on my scalp if I wash more often or less often. I no longer use product outside of shampoo/conditioner/leave-in or if I do it's very rarely (and only mousse now) and you can see what my hair looks like in my signature (there's a link to it) without gel/mousse product (just leave-in conditioner and air dry).

    Sometimes dye/bleach can screw up the way our hair responds to products in terms of porosity but even then many people have varying porosity throughout their natural hair anyway... So it shouldn't be a problem.

    My hair is too fine for any kind of scrunching and I have more wave and curl now by leaving it alone than I did with any gel, diffuse, scrunch, etc method. Just my personal experience for my own hair... Everyone is different and you'll have to play around with it... And the CG method takes a looooong time to figure out and the hair also can take quite a long time to adjust. Good luck.
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    Thanks for sharing your routine Alyssa, I definitely want to try it; I have noticed that when I'm squeezing water out of my hair that I have stray strands separating from the clumps so maybe I'm being too rough lol. I love your hair btw, it looks so pretty and healthy!
    Thanks to you also Mei, it is taking time to figure this out; sometimes I wonder if I'm making it harder than it needs to be and one day I'll discover that I didn't need to try quite so hard! You have great waves without using product!
  • Dawn.HolderDawn.Holder Registered Users Posts: 6
    I'm not sure if it's possible to attach photos to posts, but I did manage to update my hair looks better in the photo than in real life...not as much frizz lol.
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    I have wavy hair also 2a in some places and 2b in the other places. It gets very annoying trying to make it look good, so I understand your pain. I use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and for hair products I try not to put anything on it that'll weigh it down. We need to be careful with our delicate waves. You're on the path to beautiful hair :)

    If you need any hair ideas, I have a video where I talk about my go to hairstyles for my wavy hair.
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    Thanks for sharing your routine Alyssa, I definitely want to try it; I have noticed that when I'm squeezing water out of my hair that I have stray strands separating from the clumps so maybe I'm being too rough lol. I love your hair btw, it looks so pretty and healthy!
    Thanks to you also Mei, it is taking time to figure this out; sometimes I wonder if I'm making it harder than it needs to be and one day I'll discover that I didn't need to try quite so hard! You have great waves without using product!

    Hey! Thank you so much! I forgot to subscribe to this thread and never came back to check for replies. My hair is having a winter identity crisis at the moment, but I really appreciate the compliment! I have some product in my hair in that picture. I think a curl enhancing cream and mousse.

    Back to your hair, though. I do find that if you have a weaker wave pattern you have to be super gentle with it and basically tell your hair where you want it to go. Otherwise it tends to get wonky. I actually made a gif of how I put products in.

    b9ZVgK.gif (400x224)

    It's also on my new blog (ahem shamelessselfpromotion)

  • Dawn.HolderDawn.Holder Registered Users Posts: 6
    fabulous, thanks so much for sharing the gif Alyssa, I'll definitely be trying that out!
  • Dawn.HolderDawn.Holder Registered Users Posts: 6
    So I went and had a deva cut a couple of weeks ago. The cut itself was great, added nice shape and body to my hair. The styling not so great; the stylist sat me under the dryer for 10 minutes (after applying product) then diffused for another 5, then sent me out into the cold with still damp hair...which then frizzed out. After this I still have a lot of straight pieces on top and some really lovely waves underneath; even a couple of spirals, but it doesn't look good enough for me to go out anywhere!
    I think I need to grow out the bleached parts, get my hair healthy. I've resolved not to use the curling iron and it's been two weeks! I use the old fashioned sponge rollers to give my hair curl. On the week-ends I experiment with products and methods; hopefully one of these days my hair will start looking better, but at least it's getting healthier.
  • Alyssa.GodfrAlyssa.Godfr Registered Users Posts: 65
    I think it looks very nice in your avatar. Do you think the cut helped bring some more curl out?

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