Covering "Fashion" Color?

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Hi there, I am a DIY hair enthusiast (mainly because I can't bring myself to shell out on professional services), and I am looking for some advice.
My hair has been bleached and dyed with a variety of Splat colors (purple and blue mostly), and though it is only on a few chunks of my hair that are fairly easy to hide, the upkeep for keeping the colors bright and nice is getting old.
I'd like to re-dye the chunks back to a brown (to match the rest of my hair), but I am a total newbie with hair dye that isn't Splat, and I have NO clue what to do. I'd really like to stay away from going to a salon for the time being, but I also don't want to ruin my hair or my scalp.
I guess I am looking for advice on what procedure to do to re-dye my blue and purple hair (do I need to strip the current dye before putting another one on top?), what over the counter hair dyes are safe (or as safe as dye gets), and any other tips or tricks people have. My hair is a 2C ish (varies wildly from strand to strand) and I don't have too much trouble with dryness, my hair can recover from bleaching pretty quickly.
Thanks in advance.

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